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Welcome to Aviation Weather Information!

This portal provides a variety of weather information intended to assist the aviation community with preliminary flight information. It does this by accessing dozens of data sources and displaying that information in one easy location. While use of this web portal does not satisfy official Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) preflight requirements, it can assist with providing a more comprehensive understanding of the weather around California’s 243 public use airports.

Not all locations are airports; some are stand-alone surface weather stations.
(Mobile use not advised due to files shapes and sizes.)

If you're unsure how to use Aviation Weather Information, take a look at the Quick Start Guide by clicking the “Help” button in the upper left of the screen. Because this site connects to various sources of data, links to these sites sometimes go down unexpectedly for various reasons. If you find any irregularities with a data field, please place a note in our “Feedback” mailbox located at the top right of the screen. Likewise, if you have any recommendations for improvements, leave those in the Feedback mailbox as well.


Please be advised that information provided under this web portal is based on data collected from various websites and is not FAA approved for weather forecasts and other flight planning. Please be advised that its contents should not be used as replacement for official FAA approved sites and are offered to users at their own risk. System performance and data quality cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you for using Aviation Weather Information!